Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Journal 5 From Evan

Part 1:
My favorite story from the reading was The Earl Of Tennessee. This story stood out the most to me because of the description she gives Earl. She really gives him a great back story on who he is and what she knows knows about him.

The writing is at its best when she is describing him she says "Earl is a jukebox repairman. He learned his trade in the south, he says. He speaks with a southern accent, smokes fat cigars and wears a felt hat-winter or summer, hot or cold, don't matter-a felt hat." In this portion of the writing she really gives an amazing description of who he is and what he does.

Part 2:
When I was younger and still lived in my old house my family lived across the street from an older man named Jim. Jim for his own enjoyment used to go on walks which when I was younger he would go with his wife Margaret. After awhile I noticed that Margaret was no longer going on these walks with Jim so I asked my dad why. My dad told me that Margaret had passed away and Jim now lived by himself. After a few weeks went by Jim started sitting on his porch a lot by himself so I started walking across the street everyday and talking to him just because he seemed like he needed company. Over the next few years Jim had taught me more about life than many others could even imagine teaching someone. I learned that Jim had lost both of his parents by time he turned fourteen years old and that also he was separated from his brother in foster care when he was sixteen and never had the chance to find him again. When he turned eighteen Jim joined the military and fought in the Vietnam war. After getting out of the war he just casually lived his life in Marion, Ohio where he worked for the Marion Steam Shovel for m any years. He met Margaret at this time and soon married her. When Margaret passed away her and Jim were married fifty-four years. After I began having these conversations with Jim he taught me valuable life lessons that no one had ever mentioned before to me that i didn't really use before until I became a little older. These things included how valuable life is and that at any given moment you or someone you love could be taken, He taught me to never take anything for granted. and because of these things he taught me is why i look up to him personally.


  1. I liked the use of your quote a lot. It's really descriptive and lets you kind of see what Earl looks like. You shared an awesome story as well. It seems like Jim taught you a lot of lessons in life.

  2. Jim sounds like an amazing person. It's astounding how much he went through and still manages to live life. It's awesome how you got a chance to meet him.


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