Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Journal #5 by Regan Endsley

My favorite passage in The House on Mango Street is “Born Bad”. The part in this book that stands out to me is, how sickness is interpreted to Esperanza, “I don’t know who decides who deserves to go bad. There was no evil in her birth. No wicked curse.” And “maybe the sky didn’t look the day she fell down. Maybe God was busy.” She thinks that sickness is just a curse that picks people randomly. The most important theme in this chapter is sorrow and guilt. Esperanza and her friends are all making fun of her aunt who then died that day and when she dies she feels really bad about it and guilty and feels like she’s going to go to hell, she says, "Most likely I will go to hell and most likely I deserve to be there. My mother says I was born on an evil day and prays for me. Lucy and Rachel pray too. For ourselves and for each other...because of what we did to Aunt Lupe.".” This chapter is basically about guilt and the sorrow that Esperanza feels about making fun of her aunt and how now she thinks she was “born bad “and is going to hell.  

Story of the local Role Model

I had a couple role models growing up. I was always searching for new traits to have in myself, different styles, different anything. When I was in middle my school my oldest brother named Trent had a girlfriend named Paige, who is now his wife and the mother to my niece. Trent and Paige started dating their freshman year of high school. Paige is bubbly, funny and probably the nicest person you could ever meet, she was the homecoming queen of her class, and cheerleading caption. Me being a 6th or 7th grader thought she was the coolest person ever. I remember always trying to be as nice as her. Paige always wore dresses, so of course I wanted to be just like her I bought tons of dresses and she even gave me a couple of her hammy downs. Whenever I had a problem or anything I would always go to Paige and she would help me, she was the big sister I never had. So Paige influenced me by just having good personally traits and I guess at my age dressing nice. It affected my behavior because by watching her be so nice and bubbly I tried to do the same, Also by her helping me I always try my best to listen to others and try to give them the best advice like she did to me.  


  1. Awe, that is a cute story because of the high school sweet hearts growing up together. This story really reminded me of my friend named Amanda who was a few years older than me and always helped me with everything. Its nice having someone like that to give you advice. I really liked this story.

  2. good story! I like how she had such a great influence on you and helped shape who you are now.


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