Sunday, October 2, 2016

Journal # 6 Beast Of No Nation Review

Jussett Flores
English 1109

Journal #6

           The movie Beast of No Nation by Cary Fukunaga is about a young boy name Agu who is forced to join a group of soldiers. Agu fears his commander and many of the men around him. His childhood has been ruined by the war that is happening throughout his country. Agu is just trying to survive war to be with his mother again.
           I would recommend this movie, because it is very interesting, heartbreaking and powerful. It tells a story on what it was like for these people when their families are taken and killed right in front of them or taken away, and also what it was like for these boys during war. It went from being a normal day for Agu to it being a horrifying nightmare of never ending war. It also shows how one day nothing can be happening and then out of nowhere your life changes. It gives us an insight on how Agu had to survive during a time of war that he was forced into.
           This movie adds to our experience in the book A Long Way Gone quite a bit. The book follows some of the movie theme and points. The movie just gives us a better picture on what it was actually like and what they had to do. It actually makes the book much more clear on the characters, and the setting where the book is taken place.
           The only weakness I think is that they should have giving more on what it was like for Agu when he was done fighting and put in the rehabilitation center. It could be improved by showing the affects of his body detoxing from the drugs and how he handled not having his weapons. The acting in the movie was excellent because I felt the emotions that Agu was going through. Once a movie gives you the emotion of the person you know it is going to be a good movie. 

Agu and his friends just being kids. 

This is where Agu world changes and he joins war.

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