Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Journal #4 ~ Jussett

Jussett Flores
English 1109 10:30
Journal 4

Part 1:
The reading is going pretty great. I like The House On Mango Street because I like the way she writes. She makes the stories very interesting to read about. A Long Way Gone is a good book as well, I like how he goes into describe everything he sees from wha people are wearing to dead bloody corpse. I do have to go back a few times and reread it to make sure I understand better. The strengths in The House On Mango Street is that she does use a lot a metaphors. Strengths for A Long Way Gone is that he goes into detail in what he sees, so basically he is really descriptive in his writing. Both books are equally the same to me. My active reading is good, I do take notes to keep me on track of what I have read and I try to pick out words that will help me remember the chapter more and better.

Part 2:
                                                              A Path To Sierra Leone

There was unexpected attack that made everyone leave town. Ishmael ended up walking in the forest and he can't seem to find his way through. He goes to empty villages to empty villages and finds food. He's been walking for 5 days from dusk to dawn and on the 6th day he runs into people swimming in a river. During this time, war makes the relationship between people to become untrustworthy to trust each other. Eventually he's back on the path to go to Sierra Leone. The vocabulary word I chose is Mende since it is the tribal language. The challenge for the chapter would have to be were Beah is walking in the forest by himself with no contact with people and not knowing where the path is to Sierra Leone is at. When Beah finally runs into people the people don't trust him. Beah writes "It was clear from the tone of his voice that he didn't want me around and didn't trust me." (pg 48).


  1. I agree with your views on the books. I also enjoy how Beah uses his descriptions to really invest the image into our heads. Also, good job on the active reading, I still have a lot to improve on so congrats!

  2. I understand why you have to go back and reread sometimes, I have to do the same thing just to make sure I read that right.


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