Thursday, September 22, 2016

Snapshot Two From Evan

When Bushes Attack

When I was in the sixth grade I was at a friends birthday party and they had a surprise water balloon fight. Since it was surprise I still had my dry clothes on and my cell phone in my pocket still. Once they started chasing me and my cousin Jrew we both bolted. The birthday party was at house that was right across from Grant Middle School.
As we were sprinting the first place we saw to hide was the front of Grant Middle School because there were bushes that wrapped around the front of the building so we hid behind those. Once we got behind them they stopped chasing us and went away so we decided to come out. When we finally came out we had to jump down about three feet or so and Jrew jumped down and started sprinting again. I jumped down quickly but didn't jump down quite as smoothly as he did and after tried to run again I  just fell down. I looked up at him and his face was just in awe.
I tried to get up and couldn’t stand. The only thing I remember him saying is “Oh my god dude there's a hole in your leg!” I looked down then and realized that there was blood everywhere and that there in fact was a hole in my leg.
We later found out that when I went to jump down the root of the bush went in my leg and when i started running it came back out and that my adrenaline was so high I didn't even feel it.
After realizing I couldn't walk, he helped carry me to his house and all I said was “my shoes are ruined with blood.”

And he just looked back at me and said “are you kidding me there's a hole in your leg!”. I was only worried about keeping my shoes clean and that was it and I never ended up getting those shoes clean or keeping them. The hole in my leg is repaired now and I still have the scar.


  1. This had really good reported dialogue and was a very interesting story.

  2. This had really good reported dialogue and was a very interesting story.

  3. I can't imagine seeing a hole in your leg. That is kind of disgusting to think about. My sister and I have messed around playing games with each other in the yard like that, but its never gotten that bad.

  4. I think the title that you choose goes perfectly well with the story.


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