Friday, September 23, 2016

Journal five by Payden Fultz

Payden Fultz
English 1109/ 10:30
September 22, 2016
Journal 5 Cisneros, and Role Models
            Part One: My favorite story from Cisneros from last week was Edna’s Ruthie. This story stands out to me because of how different Ruthie is from her mother. Ruthie is a very kind, loving, sweet and thoughtful person. A theme that is important in this story is that Ruthie could become a wealthy person and live in a beautiful home and have wealthy friends, but she chooses to live on Mango Street with her mom. This shows that being wealth and having wealthy friends doesn’t matter to her, but what matters to her is that she has great friends that love her and include her.  Ruthie gets very sidetrack and loves to just say random things, Ruthie says, “The moon is beautiful like a balloon. Or somebody might be singing and she’ll point to the clouds: Look, Marlon Brando. Or sphinx winking. Or my left shoe” (pg. 68).

            Part Two: My babysitter Lexi from when I was a young child has become like a big sister to me. She has many great influences on me growing up. She helped me mature as a cheerleader throughout my young childhood. She had cheered since she was in seventh grade, and when I couldn’t cheer in the little league anymore she showed me my new home Midwest Cheer Elite. She taught me many things about cheerleading from new motions, to tumbling, to stunting and clean motions. What she taught as I grew to be a better cheerleader was leadership, communication and how to work with others.  Three major things you need throughout your life. With out her in my life I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


  1. My role model also taught me the basics of cheer! I feel like no one goes into it on their own, everyone has that role model that encourages them to start cheering then they fall in love.

  2. I really liked your quote that you chose from the chapter that you picked. I thought it really went well with the plot.


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