Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Snapshot 2 by Keirra Allinder

Haiti Memories
The summer of my junior year my best friend Brianna and I went on a trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Up until the I had never been out of the country nor been on a plane, so needless to say emotions were following through me such as excitement, nervousness and a touch of anxiety. Brianna had already traveled to Haiti at least one other time, when I arrived at the airport I briefly remember her telling me "everything will be okay, think positive and remember I'm here with you".
After receiving our tickets we noticed that we'd be seated next to each other and she told me I could have the window seat since it was my first time. As the plane was taking off and going up in the sky I begin thinking to myself how happy I was to sit by the window, the clouds don't appear the same way they do as compared to when you're standing on the ground.
Arriving in Haiti seemed like a whole world to me and that it was, filled with poverty all around while somehow the people still  managed to be happy. Brianna once told me something on this trip "Its not what you have in life but rather how you choose to live
 it'" Still till this day that motto resides in my heart, nowadays we often take materials and life for granted.
It was an amazing opportunity to travel across the world with my best friend and learn a new language, try new food and learn about a new culture. Has defiantly opened my eyes for the way I once viewed the world to how I view it now.

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  1. I really like this story. It reminds me of my first plane ride and how I did not want to sit by the window because I was terrified to be up that high and see the sky. I agree with what you said about the clouds. They look so much different in the sky than they do on the ground.


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