Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Snapshot two by Shaylee

Snapshot Two: Capturing A Scene  
 The Dairy Mart Suckers 

On the corner of Charles Street and South Lane Street there was a small store in Bucyrus, Ohio. A sketchy little store. That always seemed closed but was open. With a few lights that flickered, and a quiet cashier behind the counter. This small store had anything that any normal gas station would have. It had food, candy, drinks, and lotto's but didn’t sell gas. It's name was Dairy Mart. 
When my dad would come home from work, he would scream up the stairs "Ladies want to go to Dairy Mart with me?" And we would hurdle down the stairs and dash into his car. We would be in the car about five minutes and arrive at Dairy Mart. Dairy Mart had these Tootsie Roll suckers that were four flavors. Vosh, Jess, and I would look on the wrappers of the suckers and try to find one with a guy shooting a bow and arrow. For some reason we thought we were special if we could hunt for the one with the man on it. It was kind of difficult to find those ones. It seemed as if the box of suckers were never ending because how many we inspected trying to find that one sucker.  
Vosh, Jess, and I would dash out of the car and run to the box of suckers. Jess would say "help me find one", then Vosh would interrupt and say "I need to find one first",  and then I would say "No help me find one first."  
Then dad yelled to us in the front of the store: "Ladies, come on. I'm going to leave you here if you don’t run." We ended up all receiving one with the man on it. We were so happy when we found that sucker. We licked it all the way home and showed mom what flavors we picked and showed her the wrapper with the man on it. We loved Dairy Mart. Most people saw it as a normal gas station store that didn't sell gas. We loved it. Little did we know that less than ten years later Dairy Mart would be closed down forever 


  1. Love the detailed descriptions it made me feel like I was there too.

  2. Love the detailed descriptions it made me feel like I was there too.

  3. i used to have a little store down the street from where i grew up that closed down so i know what its like i could really connect with the story good story.

  4. I used to visit Dairy Mart as a little girl too, and happened to love the same suckers.


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