Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Journal #4 From Evan

Part One:

Overall my reading has been very successful. I've never really had to read books before and really never wanted to until this year. Both of these books have multiple strengths and weaknesses. some strengths are in The House on Mango Street the author has a very unique way with words that keeps the book interesting. A Long Way Gone has very good descriptions which gives you the opportunity to vision what your reading exactly. Some weaknesses for both books are that in House On Mango St. the author bounces around a lot which can be very confusing to some readers and in A Long Way Gone he at times can become a little too descriptive for readers. My active reading habits are improving very fast. I've never actively read before until this class so its new to me but it does help me with memorizing the book and helps me keep on track.

Part Two:

The title I made for my chapter which is chapter 7 is "lost in the unknown". I chose this because of he was separated from his friends and brother and is forced to face even more challenges than before. A nutshell for this chapter would be the village Ishmael and his friends were hiding was attacked and everyone had to flee in different directions so he gets lost from the group once again.

The word i chose for my vocabulary word in the chapter is "fear" because of Ishmael since the war has started has been living in this world of fear and it seems to describe his emotions a lot of the time. FEAR- is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat towards you. Which is what i'm also using for my theme as well fear to me has seemed like it has played a huge role in this story as well as in this chapter between the attack that happened or the burning of the body or even the separating of Ishmael and his brother.

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  1. I really like the title "Lost in the Unknown" that you picked in this chapter it Beah really is lost and doesn't know what he gonna find and what he's going to see on his journey, unknown is a great word to use. Fear is also a great word to highlight in this chapter because he is living in fear and that is a big challenge for him in this chapter.


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