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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Shaylee and Evan: Steve Jobs

For your comments on Presentations:

First, write about something well done.  What did you learn from this group?  What part of the Presentation seemed the best?  Be specific, and use a specific example from the Presentation and your notes.

Second, offer constructive criticism that would help this group. What might have been more clear?  What part of the Presentation seemed the least polished?  Be specific.

Jack and Miranda: Jack Hanna

For your comments on Presentations:

First, write about something well done.  What did you learn from this group?  What part of the Presentation seemed the best?  Be specific, and use a specific example from the Presentation and your notes.

Second, offer constructive criticism that would help this group. What might have been more clear?  What part of the Presentation seemed the least polished?  Be specific.

Payden and Keirra: Taylor Swift

For your comments on Presentations:

First, write about something well done.  What did you learn from this group?  What part of the Presentation seemed the best?  Be specific, and use a specific example from the Presentation and your notes.

Second, offer constructive criticism that would help this group. What might have been more clear?  What part of the Presentation seemed the least polished?  Be specific.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jordan and John: Robin Williams

For your comments on Presentations:

First, write about something well done.  What did you learn from this group?  What part of the Presentation seemed the best?  Be specific, and use a specific example from the Presentation and your notes.

Second, offer constructive criticism that would help this group. What might have been more clear?  What part of the Presentation seemed the least polished?  Be specific.

Emma and Max: Kanye West

For your comments on Presentations:

First, write about something well done.  What did you learn from this group?  What part of the Presentation seemed the best?  Be specific, and use a specific example from the Presentation and your notes.

Second, offer constructive criticism that would help this group. What might have been more clear?  What part of the Presentation seemed the least polished?  Be specific.

Jussett and Regan: Ellen Degeneres

For your comments on Presentations:

First, write about something well done.  What did you learn from this group?  What part of the Presentation seemed the best?  Be specific, and use a specific example from the Presentation and your notes.

Second, offer constructive criticism that would help this group. What might have been more clear?  What part of the Presentation seemed the least polished?  Be specific.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Journal 9 by Evan

Part 1: I think my active reading is going a lot smoother I've never had to do active reading before until this class so adjusting to doing it was kinda weird at first but it actually helps keep track of the book and a great tool to use.

Part 2: My favorite profile would have been the astronaut. The story behind his life was absolute amazing there were so many obstacles he had to overcome to get where he was. I twas also interesting to read an article about something I've heard about prior to reading callings. The best part of the story was his childhood background that was amazing to me.

Part 3:Ohio has been a great place to grow up but i think by the time i graduate college Ohio has done all it can for me. it was an amazing place to be a part of but the weather changes or as i call mother natures mood swings are too much for me too handle but i also don't like the heat i don't like being hot and love the cold weather the heat is nice for a little while but gets old to me.
I've always wanted to visit New York which I am doing in December

Journal 9 by Max Balderson

     Active reading has been going much better for Callings, than it did for our previous two books. I feel like active reading is something that is much easier with practice. Now that I have two books of active reading under my belt, I find it much easier to write key details and elements while reading callings. The biggest strength of Callings is that is personal. It is a book of combined stories, from real people, about the thing that we all think about, their jobs or their "callings". It allows us to put ourselves in their shoes, and understand the emotion that is supposed to be in the text. The challenges of this book, is that it can be repetitive. You know what the premise of each story is going to be about, and ,for someone with little interest in this subject, I would imagine the book would be near impossible to read.
     My favorite story so far has been about the father and son firefighters. I enjoyed the amount of pride that they both had in what they did. The son looked up to his father so much, and knew from a young age that he was going to be in the same line of work his father was. The son, Dekalp III, even says, "Back in the nineties, when Micheal Jordan was really famous and everybody wanted to be like Mike? Well, Mike was good-but me, I wanted to be like Dekalb Walcott Jr. You were my Micheal Jordan." Seeing both their pride in what they do, I was curious about their line of work. Why was there such a need for firefighters in the area they lived, Chicago. I found that Chicago being such a densely populated city can cause a huge fire hazard. One of the biggest piece of evidence for this danger is the great chicago fire. It was a fire that lasted two days in 1871, and left 100,000 homeless. It can be led to believe that this is one of the many reasons for Chicago having such a huge need for their fire department, and could be another reason why this father and son are so proud of their work.
     There are a lot of reasons why staying in Ohio would be beneficial to me. For one, I could get a job at Honda being a translator. That would be nice, because it is very close home, and Honda is the same company that my dad works at. I would be able to live in Marysville, in the same town as my family. If I had to live in another state, I think I'd like to live in California. Now I understand that it is pretty far away from Ohio, but I would have a lot of benefits living there that I don't get living in Ohio. California is a much more globally connected state. This gives my job a lot more need in California than it does. It would also be a nice change of pace. I've been in the eastern part of the country my whole life. I was born in Florida and raised in Ohio, but the furthest I've gone west is Illinois. I personally think that California would give me a much different experience than Ohio would.
One of the Many Companies I could work for in the future

Journal 9 By Miranda

Part One: So far, my active reading is going well. This book is much easier to do active reading than the other two in my opinion. I like how the stories are set up, so I can read one story in a shorter amount of time and be able to write a better nutshell of what happened. Rather than having long chapters that you can’t remember every little detail by the end of it. The only weakness or downfall to this book is that there are so many different stories, and it can be easy to get them all mixed up or mixed together. But overall I enjoy the book.

Part Two: My favorite profile from our reading thus far is definitely the Lucietto/Mechanical Engineer. I can relate to her in a few different ways. Growing up, I would watch my dad work on trucks, lawnmowers, etc and I would be fascinated by what he could do. He never had to look anything up or ask questions, he could take anything apart and put it back together without a problem. In the profile her father said “Sometimes you’d take something apart and I’d sit there and wonder what in the world did you do. Then you’d say Daddy fix’” This makes me think of early memories where I would say the exact same thing to my dad. Over the years I have always thought about going into a mechanical or welding career. But I knew that not very many women were doing such an occupation so I  put those thoughts in the back of my mind. Based on the research that was done for the class I discovered that there is roughly 192,000 women engineers in America.

Part Three: For my future, what is attractive about staying in Ohio is family and friends. Here I at least know people and be able to fit in more easily. Other than having family in Ohio, there’s really nothing special about staying here. I would love to move down south more. Somewhere like Tennessee would be perfect. My dream is to work with cows, and there are over 79,000 cattle farms in Tennessee, which creates for a good opportunity. It is also the most beautiful state I have ever been to. Rolling hills, lakes, farmland, and the woods, what could be any better then that?
This is just one example of the beauty of Tennessee. I think this is one of the most breathe taking things I have ever seen.

Journal Nine by Shaylee Campbell

I think the active reading is going well. Callings of Purpose And Passion is really different compared to House on Mango Street or A Long Way Gone. I think its more interesting than either one before, and we aren’t even close to finishing it. Strengths of the book are reading multiple different interesting stories. My weaknesses are trying to find good writing in the passages. Some people say really neat things, and others are boring.
            My favorite story was the one about the sculptor, “We lived in a tenement building in El Barrio- East Harlem- and everybody knew everybody.” I looked up East Harlem, which is the place Olga and her mother lived. East Harlem is a neighborhood that encompasses areas north of the upper east side, east 96th street, east 5th ave, and to east Harlem Rivers. The town is known as “El Barrio”. The medium income is $21,480. East Harlem is the largest predominantly Latino communities. East Harlem historically suffered many social issues. Jobless rate, teen pregnancy, aids, drug abuse, homelessness, and asthma are five times the national average.

            I think there are many good reasons why I want to stay in Ohio. The biggest reason why I want to stay in Ohio is my family lives here. My whole family lives here or in Pennsylvania. I can also find my profession here, all over. I have a good opportunity here. Moving for work might be a good thing to experience a different place, and different people. If I moved I would love to go to Washington D.C. The atmosphere there is amazing. The job opportunities are great too. There is just so much to do, and places to go. The traffic might be bad, but I think it'd be worth it.
This is a picture of Washington D.C. looking at the Washington Monument.

Journal Nine by Jack

Journal Nine: Callings
In the book Callings, StoryCorps founder Dave Isay presents unforgettable stories from people doing what they love. I have enjoyed reading this book so far. Active reading for this book is going great. It is easier because the profiles are short versus having to active read for a book where a lot of things connect to each other and I just get confused in the process of that. I can’t put the book down sometimes.
My favorite profile would have to be, Firefighter Dekalb Walcott Jr. and his son Dekalb Walcott III.  Their profile is about how a father and son both fell in love with fighting fires.  I enjoyed reading this story because I thought it was cool that they both had a love for the same profession. A quote I came across in my active reading that I really liked, “Shut up and listen; pay attention to everything around you” “Because with this job, just when you think you know it all, something else is going to hit you” I read this quote over atleast five times and I finally thought of something that connected with the quote. I believe that the quote can be used as a life lesson because if you aren’t ready for the unexpected it might come and bite you in the ass.

Should I stay or should I go. Ohio is a wonderful place to live in. I have enjoyed growing up in this beautiful state and I wouldn’t take back my childhood in a minute. Staying in Ohio would be great because I am familiar with it but I do wish I could branch out a see new things. I would absolutely love to move to Colorado. Colorado is just so beautiful and peaceful to me. I remember going to see my grandfather in Colorado springs and he would always take me up in the mountains and we would see all the wildlife and the amazing views. I would also move away to possibly get a fresh new start and look for a job where I can work with animals and enjoy my life outside of work. 
Dekalb Walcott Jr. and his Son Dekalb Walcott III

Journal 9 By John

I think that my overall reading is going very well for me. I love that this book has different stories about how people got there true calling in life and most of the stories are just truly inspiring to me. The strength I have the most in reading this book especially is my active reading. I'm highlighting a lot more things writing more in the margins in this book compared to the other ones we have read so far. The only weakness that I could think of is there hasn't been a story that has really caught my attention of being an "Ah" moment for me.
My favorite profile so far would have to be the NASA Astronaut that died in the challenger accident. I love that profile because of the rough background he had to come from to then becoming this amazing astronaut. Living in South Carolina being an African-American during that time in the 1960's was a rough rough time for him. But he never really let ii get in the way of his dreams of becoming an astronaut. The only real way I could connect his story to me is when I was younger I always wanted to do something along the line of being a teacher and that was my dream but people would always say 'Oh you have a long time to think before you know thats what you want." But here I am today studying to become a teacher.
Some of the people where I came from Delaware, Ohio can't wait to get out of there, but for me I can't really ever see myself going anywhere. I love where I'm from. I love the small town atmosphere that it gives off to people. Whenever I get my degree I hope to get into the Delaware city school district because I love that place. But if I would absolutely need to move anywhere I would move to Florida. I have family that live down there so my family and I go down there almost every summer to visit and plus I love the warm weather and beaches.
Here is a picture of the sunset at St. Augustine Beach boardwalk.

Journal #9 by Jordan Kightlinger

       Part 1: So far, my active reading is going a lot better than my previous ones (or so I hope). It seems to be easier because I had practice previous to this book, but also because of the way the book is set up. With each chapter being a brand new story, similar to that of Cisneros, I find it easier to actively read, and I find each new story interesting, so that helps.The only challenge that I find while reading is when authors use "big boy" words. I find it very unnecessary sometimes and it just maes it more challenging to read, but so far I haven't had that problem in this book.
       Part 2: My favorite profile was the engineer and entrepreneur because I love the mindset she expresses. Noramay states, "Every time I toured a factory, looking at safety and ergonomics, I thought, Let me put myself into the shoes of the person sitting here." That's empathetic thinking, and that is a rare trait you find in people, but it's a vital one. I always try to be empathetic and sometimes I forget, but that's just being human. Also, I learned that MIT only has an acceptance rate of 7.9%. Noramay was one of the lucky ones to be chosen because she worked hard, and achieved greatness, even though people didn't believe in her.
       Part 3: Some perks for staying in Ohio would be my family and friends are close by for support whenever I need them. I know how things work, and Ohio is a very tolerant state, so that's nice. As for the downsides, I would say I would have a feeling of being trapped and bound to this place forever, and I wouldn't get to experience the rest of the world; meet new people; try new things. If I was forced to move, I would move to Canada. Now, I know it's not a state, but I've always loved the idea of moving their for the french cuisines, and the Niagara Falls.
The marvelous beauty of this astounds me, and I've always wanted to go visit it.

Journal #9 By: Jussett Flores

Part 1:
My active reading is going pretty good so far. I am learning new vocabulary words and learning about different jobs. The strength that I see are some good dialog and great details on how the person found their calling and how they made an impact in some people's life. I am able to follow the book pretty easily because of how Isay wrote this book. Weaknesses so far is finding a profile that is interesting but ending so soon that you just want to know more about that person.
Part 2:
My favorite profile so far would have to be the tool and die maker with Phil Kerner. I noticed that he followed into his father’s footsteps and became a tool and die maker and that is what his family has done for generations. I like when he said “ My father was a tool and die maker. My uncles were tool and die makers. My brother was a tool and die maker. And surprise, I became a tool and die maker. But you know what? I have four sons, and they’re not going to be tool and die makers”(p70). It shows that he does not want his kids to become tool and die maker but something extraordinary and better for them. My parents came over to the states to start a new life, so that when we grow up we could have better opportunities than they have had in their life. Since we are the first generation we will continue our future for our future kids to have a better life than our parents have had so they don't have to go through the pain that my parents have gone through.

Part 3:
Ohio is a beautiful state to live in. I grew up in Ohio my entire life other than living in Florida for a couple of months when I was born. I have some family that live in Chicago, some in Delaware, and Arizona, but we don’t really talk to them and Ohio is just the state for me since my family is here. Ohio is a safe place to live in if you think about it. A good thing about moving for work is a better opportunity and a different environment experience. Yes it could be a possibility for me to move just because bigger cities have better opportunities. I really don’t have a dream state, but I would probably want to go to Seattle Washington. I have always wanted to visit Seattle for the longest time and my sister/bestfriend is going to be moving there after college next year and I would miss her so I would move with her.

Seattle Washington is known for the space needle, Seattle Seahawks, Rain, Grey's Anatomy, Starbucks Coffee (First founded and started there), Pike Place Market and Microsoft. It is also beautiful for sightseeing.   

Journal #9 by Regan Endsley

My overall reading is going really well. I thinks its very interesting and I like hearing others peoples stories. The strengths I've having while reading is that since i enjoy the book i stay on top of things and do more active reading and add more notes. A strength in the book is its very interesting and the stories are well picked out and it is easy to read because its not super long. There really is not any major weaknesses, maybe the language is sometimes hard to understand in some of the stories.
My favorite profile so far is, The firefighter story. Where a father Dekalb Walcott is a firefighter and his son wants to be just like him when he's little even getting to go on a firetruck on a fire when he was just 10 and when he grew up he was a firefighter just like his dad. I like this because i just think its so cool that even in a life threatening job he wants to do it because his father does and he loves it. Ive related somewhat to this story, growing up I would also ask my mom about her job and what she did I didn't go as far as following in her footsteps and do the same career she is doing but i was always interested.
Staying in Ohio for most people is not attractive but I think I will be staying here for most of my life. Ohio is where I grew up and where all my family is. I do love to travel I can go and visit other places of the world and still live in Ohio. As i got older and if i got like a job opportunity or something I would conceder moving and if I where to choose what state I would move to it would have to be California because i love warm weather and love beaches.

This is a picture of a beach in Cali. If i ever left Ohio this is where i would want to go. 

Journal Nine by Emma

Part 1: My active reading is going very well. Callings is a lot easier to read actively because there are brief stories rather than A Long Way Gone which was long and difficult for me to pause and annotate. Another strength of the book callings, is the overall theme of choosing a career that makes you happy. A weakness is getting intrigued with someone’s profile and it immediately ends. You wish you could know more about that person. I do overall enjoy the book, I love getting to know new people and hearing their life story and aspirations. In callings I feel like I meet new people and it inspires me to do what makes me happy.

Part 2: My favorite passage was Engineer and Entrepreneur Noramay Cadena. This woman is incredibly strong and hard working. She moved to Massachusetts with her newly born child and graduated from MIT. I researched how many people raising children in college graduate. Only 33 percent of people graduate. Noramay proved the world wrong by graduating and getting her dream job. My favorite quote is by her daughter Chassitty “I see people who are stuck in situations they can’t get out of. But you showed me that anything is possible. So when I do find my career, I want to make sure that it’s something I love and I don’t feel stuck. I want to go to work and be happy.” This is exactly how I feel which is why I put a lot of thought into what I want my future to look like.

Part 3:  If I were to stay in Ohio it would be because of my family and I enjoy having all four seasons. If my future career has a higher job outlook in a different state I will probably move there if the weather is nice. As much as I love four seasons I also love sunny states. If I had to move my dream state would be California. They have great weather and everyone seems happy there.
Image result for california beaches
This is a beautiful beach in California. I would love to look out my window to something this beautiful. 

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Journal 9 By Keirra Allinder

My active reading is going good so far, strengths would be my interest in how people feel led to a certain job. Considering the book isn't made up of chapters but rather each story is minimal 3 pages makes it easy to follow. Weaknesses I have found is that some of the stories aren't too interesting and the book is straight forward.  
My favorite profile is dentist story with McGarvey and his friend. At a very young age he lost his dad and mother had to raise 13 kids on her own. Moral of the story is that McGarvey knew at the age of seventeen he wanted to become a dentist. From "excelling in the dental assistant courses to knowing every instrument they picked up (49).  I once had a similar experience in taking interest in becoming a dentist I know its not for everyone considering you're working inside of people mouths but if I had the opportunity to make others happy about their smiles I know its even more worth it.
There is nothing I find attractive about Ohio which why I have plans of moving down south where the weather is warm and southern hospitality actually exists, plus I used to live in South Carolina. Id love nothing more than to move back to where I once called home.

Image result for south carolina
My future home

Journal 9 Payden Fultz

My active reading is going pretty good so far learning lots of new vocabulary and different kinds of jobs you don’t hear about very often. Strengths that I see in the book are details of how these people found their calling. I am able to follow the book pretty easily because of how Isay rewrote this book. Weaknesses I have found in the book would be the language I think it’s very simple for the most part and that kind of drags me away from the reading and makes me want to read something else.
            My favorite profile so far would be the firefighter story with Dekalb Walcott and his son. I noticed that he cares about having money to raise a family; he is willing to give up a life long goal of becoming an attorney. “ I wanted to become an attorney, so I started college with plans of going into law. But my focus wasn’t on school; it was getting decent employment where I could have a family, and take care of that family” (pg. 55). My boyfriends father is a firefighter of 32 years I asked him what the most intimidating things about being a firefighter is and he said “ the most intimidating things to me would be not knowing if I’m going to make it back out of a fire and not being able to see my family again”.

            Nothings attractive to me at all about Ohio I absolute hate this state. Something attractive to me would be moving away to San Diego where all of my family is and where it’s always warm and everyday is like vacation. The possibility of moving there is extremely high since thats where my heart is set and stone especially since all of my family lives there. I would love to get back with my family. 

My future home where my  heart is set and stone at

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Subjects and Slots for Presentation Projects. From Mike.

Thursday, Nov. 17

1.  Jordan and John: Robin Williams

2.  Max and Emma: Kanye West

3. Jussett and Regan: Ellen Degeneres

Tuesday, Nov. 22

1. Shaylee and Evan: Steve Jobs

2. Jack and Miranda: Jack Hanna

3.  Payden and Keirra: Taylor Swift

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Snapshot Four by Shaylee

          Music has always been an important thing in my life. I listened to it in the car rides when I was little, and I listen to it a ton driving now. My dad has always been interested in speakers since I was little. From when I was little to now I have listened to many kinds of music including my dad’s old 80’s music junk that I can’t stand. My mom’s music is the kind I love. Its todays hits. Even though I grew up with both of their music tastes neither one is what I listen to the most.
            My almost favorite music is the stuff you can find in today’s hits station, or today’s hip hop and rap station. I listen to rap when I work out, which is a lot of the time. I don’t listen to it for the lyrics, because most of them are disgusting, but I listen to it for the beat. The beat is so uplifting and fast. When I lift and run I listen to the beat to go along with my lifts or steps on a run. You can’t find a fast beat like that in other music.

            A flashback I have and will always be important to me is about a song called “Seven Years” by Lukas Graham. It was played at Noah Lears funeral, which was a kid who I went to high school with that was a grade under me. He was playing basketball at a local church, which was across the street from my house, and he went to dunk a basketball and the hoop fell on his face and chin. For eighteen days he fought for his life in Childrens Hospital, and then Hospice. The day the school found out about his passing, they called everyone into the auditorium and told everyone the news. Then everyone played this song. During his funeral, they played this song on repeat. Friends, family, and people who didn’t even know him filled the basketball gym full for the funeral. People were even standing during it. Just seeing everyone in the school during a school day do nothing but sit there and cry was so hard to watch. Especially seeing his favorite teachers say goodbye to him was so hard. This song will always remind me of Noah Lear and the day of his passing, and funeral. This song will always mean something to me and everyone who knew him. 

This is the album cover for Seven Years by Lukas Graham.

snapshot 4 from Evan

Music to me is a way to express yourself in a way only you can. It tells a story. depending on the artist it can tell your personal story.I listen to anything really but country music. nothing against it but to me its just as dry and boring as the desert and i just personally do not like most of it. One artists i find very interesting is an artist known by the name Sia and what interest me isn't just he music its her background story. When she was younger in her 20s she actually was offered a record contract and become some what famous and became addicted to drugs. this lead her on a downhill spiral of bad choices and jail time. Quite some time later she went to rehab became clean from the drugs and is now famous again but is 40 years old now. i don't have one specific flashback i remember but every time i hear her music i remember what ive personally learned and that is with some things that has happened in my family personally that life is about second chances.everyone messes up but its how you turn things around that matters and she corrected her mistakes and bounced back from it and showed the world that she is in fact talented.
this is sia she often wears the wig to cover her face i personally
think as a new identity to give her a new name to hide the old her.

Snapshot 4 Payden Fultz

Snapshot Four: Music and Flashbacks for evidence
Storyteller became a commercial
 success and set multiple records upon its release.
 By debuting at number two on the billboard 200 chart.
            Music is my life in lyrics. It is my personality. It understands me. It knows me. Music knows things about me that I never knew about. Music helps me when I am sad, frustrated, sad, and angry with someone. If I went through something that nobody can help me with. I would turn to music. Music it is always there to help. I like to listen to pop and Country music because I can relate to them in different situations that I am in. They are catchy and it makes you want to listen to the music. I find Carry Underwood very engaging because she had put aside her singing dreams for a degree in broadcast journalism, but everything changed after she auditioned for American Idol during her senior year at Northeastern State University. She won the show's fourth season in 2005 and went on to win multiple Grammy, Country Music Association and Academy of Country Music awards. In 2008, at age 26, Underwood became the youngest member of the Grand Ole Opry. She really sings about things that I can relate to and understand and that’s what makes music interesting because you don’t think people can understand things the way you do but as you listen to the lyrics you’re just relating left and right about things.

            Music is like a time traveling machine; it can take you back to your first cheerleading routine, your first loss, your important event and forward to your first win and your last competition. I remember listening to the song trouble during practice while we were listening to our cheer music for the first time. We all sat on the floor we practice on and we all held hands listening, and hoping it was everything we dreamed about. It was important to me because that’s what we perform and it is what we sing during the routine to make facials without actually thinking about it.