Thursday, September 8, 2016

Journal 4 from John

Part 1: So far my overall reading has been pretty good! My strength that I have when I'm reading is finding the metaphors and the parts in the book that seem to be the parts are where the writing is at it's best. I still struggle with trying to find the main points and themes of the chapter. The book I like reading the most I would say would have to be A Long Way Gone. Just the way he describes everything with so much detail just really intrigues me.

Part 2: The chapter that I was assigned was chapter six. If there was a title for this chapter I would call it "Innocent Spies" (the reason being because in chapter six they get accused of being spies for the rebel forces). In chapter six the group of boys got captured by a local tribe thinking they were spies only to find out they weren't, and then let the boys work on the local farm for money and food. One vocabulary word that I found was the word "Disposal". One definition say's that it is what you have at hand. I thought this was important because at this time in the book anything that the boys have in there disposal is all they have right now. In this chapter I believe a theme is that the trust they used to have is starting to fade away and getting lost. In chapter six page 37 Baeh writes "People stopped trusting each other, and every stranger became an enemy." This quote perfectly sums up my point. Since the rebels have come and attacked villages most of the people can't trust young boys there age because most rebels are 12, 13, 14 year old kids just like them.


  1. I was assigned chapter 6 too and I love your title it's very creative. It was also good how you broke the vocabulary word down.

  2. I have the same strength of finding the metaphors. I also like how A Long Way Gone is detailed too. Some of the details are sort of gross with how people get killed, and how he explains how the blood covers people. I have trouble reading it, but its a good book.


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