Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Snapshot #2 by Jordan Kightlinger

Jordan Kightlinger
English 1109, 10:30
September 12, 2016
Snapshot #2: The Level 50 Grandmaster Sorcerer
            One Saturday morning during my junior year of high school my class of Shakespeare agreed upon a class trip to the Renaissance Festival. When we arrived, it was like love at first sight. I still remember a man who was fully dressed in an old fashioned samurai suit. As well as, and forgive my masculine instincts, when I first walked in, I experienced a woman dressed like an old fashioned peasant with a long gown showing off her bosom, and I could not help but gaze at her until she was out of sight. As we enjoyed our time, my friend, Danny (who was dressed like a noble), and I relished the activities that occurred around us. Danny asked, “My dear wizard, how do you enjoy the festivities?”
“They are meager activities, and I would rather be back in my studies,” I replied.
“Do these actions not please you?” he asked.
And I replied, “I am a level 50 Grandmaster Sorcerer, my magic is that of a mystical Unicorn, I do not have time to ‘enjoy myself.’”
We both died of laughter after that and continued to inspect the other attractions. I even watched the King and Queen, adorned in their magnificent gowns and robes, stride across the main path just a few inches from me. They held with them an entourage of bards and knights. I will never forget that time at the Renaissance Festival.   


  1. I find it very interesting. I would have done the same thing and gaze until the person was out of sight.

  2. You went into very good descriptive detail and do a good job of drawing a picture of what's going on, using characters and setting.


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