Thursday, September 22, 2016

Journal 5: Emma Kleinknecht

Emma Kleinknecht
English 1109 10:30
Journal 5
            Part One: A chapter I found interesting was Geraldo No Last Name. It stood out to me because it wasn’t as unorganized as some of the others and it was easier to follow. I could make sense of the situation. An important theme to me was always treat people with kindness and love because you never know what could happen next whether it’s good or bad. The writing was at its best in the first paragraph when Geraldo is being described “She met him at a dance. Pretty too, and young. Said he worked in a restaurant, but she can’t remember which one. Geraldo. That’s all. Green pants and a Sunday shirt. Geraldo. That’s what he told her” (Cisneros, 65). Cisneros makes his death seem so casual but repeats his name to put emphasis on it which caught my eye and got me thinking. The simplicity of that description made it easy to comprehend even though there isn’t a description of what he looks like, she kind of makes it up to you to create in your mind.
Part Two: Growing up I was an extreme tom boy. I am the middle child of two brothers, and I was forced to play every masculine sport by my father. I wore my hair up every day, basketball shorts, and a t-shirt. I destroyed the neighborhood boys in our games of backyard football, baseball, and kickball. One day a girl named tiffany rode past my house on her bike and introduced herself to me. She wore all pink and even makeup at the age of 11. I was intimidated and looked up to her. We started hanging out every day. She would give me makeovers, made me get new girly clothes, and made me begin my journey as a competitive cheerleader which I am very thankful for. I am still not very girly in general but if it wasn’t for Tiffany I would not have evolved into a girl that occasionally wears dresses and makeup for my own enjoyment or even discovered my passion.


  1. I'm glad Cisneros allowed for a more comprehensive chapter. Compared to her other stories this one was more understandable. Also, I never would've taken you to be a tom-boy, haha, that was interesting to find out.

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  3. I felt like that chapter was one of the easier ones to read as well.

  4. I relate to your role model story, I also have 2 brothers that growing up I did everything with! and i also agree that that chapter was simple to read compared to the other stories.

  5. I agree that this chapter was one of the more interesting ones. She just left us on a cliffhanger to let our minds make up our own interpretation of what was going on.

  6. I also chosen the same chapter. I like how you said you were a tomboy growing up and how your friend change you in a way to dress like a girl. I was the same way. Still not girly but at least you discovered your passion.


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