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Journal 4 keirra

Journal by Keirra
English 1109
Part 1: Overall my reading is going well, my strengths is I'm learning to become a more active reader when it comes do highlighting key events and jotting down key points from a chapter. I've realized that the book The House on Mango Street is more interesting to me, therefore it's easier for me to read and not become bored. Also I'm more likely to makes notes on the side of a page and highlight. My weaknesses for the book A Long Way Gone  the book hasn't caught my interest that much and I tend to not highlight and circle key words as opposed to the other book.
Part 2:
Holding on a little more 
After walking days and passing through burnt villages beah finally entered the forest where he made a small home from the trees, he realized thinking hadn't done him much good so he had to find ways to entertain himself. Only to find how to lonely he had become, came to the point that it was unbearable. Days passed and he finally made his way out of the forest and ran into a group of boys, soon he realized that being around people made him uncomfortable. 
The word Sonority is important because it shows how the sounds of the echoes from the forest would make music. 
The challenge In this chapter would be that when beah is alone for so long it's hard to remember what it feels like to surround yourself with humans rather than animals because it's not like you can communicate with them. Beah writes "I had spent more than a month in the forest when I finally ran into people again" this quotes shows he's trying to adapt to being around people again and doesn't want it to be awkward. 

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  1. your title holding on a little more is very good for the chapter. I agree that the book A Long Way Gone is hard to follow and you lose interest pretty easily and catch yourself not activily reading


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