Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Journal 4 from Payden

Part 1:
     The reading is going pretty good I really like The House On Mango Street it interest me a lot with the way she talks, it really makes you want to keep reading. The A Long Way Gone is a good read but it doesn't interest me in the slightest bit, its getting a little better but its just not the kind of book that I am interested in. The strengths of The House on Mango Street  is that she uses a lot of metaphors and that makes her writing interesting because she says things that don't make sense but sounds just fine in her writing so you just keep reading. Strengths in A Long Way Gone  is that Beah gets very discriptive and it intreges you to keep reading in the parts that are very detailed. Weaknesses in  A Long Way Gone is that its kind of repetative in many parts of the book, the same thing tends to keep happening over and over. Weaknesses in The House On Mango Street is that some of her writing can be confusing at times with he way she descripes it and her use of language. My reading habits have been better than they ever have before. I highlight good descriptions and uses of language, box words that I need to look up and I write important information in the margins.

Part 2:
     A attack happened and everyone leaves town. Beah wonders into a forest and cant find his way out he finally comes in contact with people after six long days of walking from dusk to dawn. War has ruined many relationships, people don't trust anyone anymore now that war has happened everyone is scared of eachother other. The vocabualry word I boxed was Mende it is one of the two largest ethnic groups in Sierra Leone. The challenge in this chapter would be Beah getting lost in the forest and not having contact with anyone for many days and when he does come in contact the people dont trust him and keep their distance. "It was clear from the tone of his voice that he didn't want me around and didn't trust me" (pg 48). 


  1. I agree with your viewpoints on the books. I also think Cisneros can be a little confusing, but her writing overall is something I've never seen before. Also, Beah's descriptions in, A Long Way Gone, is really intriguing and keeps a hook on the readers, which is nice.

  2. I like your title choice and how descriptive you are in your blog :-)

  3. I agree that a big challenge that Beah is having to face in this chapter is that he's isolated from everyone he knows and when he try to have contact with other people they don't trust him.


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