Thursday, September 22, 2016

Journal 5 from John

Role Models

Part One: The chapter I chose to write about was The First Job. I believe that the main theme of this chapter was just plain awkwardness. I could totally relate with her about being kinda shy and timid towards people on your first day of work ever. My first day was when I was working for the Columbus Zoo and I was nervous and scared of messing up the whole time I was there.I thin the writing was at it's best on the bottom of page 54 when she is talking about the lunchroom. Here she says "I was scared to eat alone in the company lunchroom with all those men and ladies looking at me." I thought that that quote really helped show how nervous she actually was with people starring at her while she was eating.

Part Two: The person that chose as a role model to me was actually one of my best friends Caleb Neagele. It was the way that he acted around me and others is what I really looked at him as a role model, somebody that would care for you in a time of need and the person that helped me truly find God in my life. I just looked up to in that aspect of life. He also was the one person that really does still to this day push me to become a better person in faith and in life as a whole, and to also reach out to others and ask them about there faith or how there life is going at that time. Caleb to this day is one of my best friends and he is the only one that I would say is a friend that I truly look up to in life.

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  1. I liked My First Job as well, especially the twist at the ending. Also, Caleb sounds like an astounding person and i'm glad he helped you see the good in life!


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