Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Revised Snapshot 2 by John

The Love For The Game
    It was a cool August afternoon, and the temperature was roughly around 67 degrees outside with a nice breeze to the east. My brother and I came out to Lexington Glen park behind our house to play football with some of the neighborhood kid’s. This was the first time I could play with them because I was too small before so this was a great moment for me. It was five on five, my brother and I, with some of his friends versus some of my brothers other friends. I was so nervous it felt like a knot was twisting in my stomach.
    Before the first play we huddled up and my brother said “Alright John on this play you’re going to snap me the ball and block” I thought you have to be kidding me right? And I told him “Hey! I didn’t come here to play all time center, I came to play!” and of course I lost the argument and ended up starting out playing center.
    After the first three drives on offense and defense were losing 2-3 (a touchdown only got you only point). Finally I told my brother “Zack! Just let me play receiver on this series and if I drop one ball I’ll play center for the rest of the game.” My brother finally caved into my persistent bickering and said “Fine. But if you drop one pass your reciever days are over!”.
    Now was my chance, my one opportunity that I can play with the bigger kids and that I can play something other than all time center.
    My first play I had my chance. And I took full advantage of it. I was small compared to everyone else so all I had to do was drop in the flat and everyone else goes upfield. When I caught the ball I had at least 12 yards of green, green grass ahead of me everytime. We ran it about three times in a row before the other team finally caught on to our plan. So the next play I acted like I was going to do the same thing but this time when they ran up to cover me I sprinted straight upfield for the endzone. My brother saw this and winded up and through the ball to me. I’m running as fast as I can, I notice the ball was thrown a little bit in front of me so I knew I was going to have to dive for it. So at the last second I lounged out for the ball and made the diving catch for the touchdown!
    My brother and his friends couldn’t believe their eyes. My brother ran up to me with joy in his face and said “Oh my God! I can’t believe you just did that!” replied back “Hey! I told you I could do it! I can play with the big boys!”.  And from that moment forward my brother never doubted my ability to play with him and his friends ever again. And that’s when I found the love for the game.

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  1. I really like this story! That had to be a great feeling when you got that touchdown!


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