Thursday, September 8, 2016

Journal #4 by Chloe Tackett

Part one: The Reading is going good for me although I feel my greatest weakness is reading two books at one time. and trying to keep up with both plot lines at one given time. I really enjoy reading how the two authors differ in their writing styles and way of language. my favorite book out of the two would have to be beah because I like how intense and visual it is while reading it, he does a very good job with using correct language to describe the events and give people his point of view from himself as a child dealing with all of the war.
Part Two: The chapter I chose was chapter 6 and a good title for this chapter would be " a stranger in our own home " a nutshell for this chapter is this chapter revels a broken down trust between the villages, when Ishmael is his friends get caught the village chief almost had them drowned since they were traveling in a group and had no form of identification, they were thought to be rebels until they found a cassette tape and played the music and A boy had recognized it, the chief then offered the boys food and a place to stay. A challenge in this chapter would have to be that the boys keep getting caught and people offer them help and as much as they would like to take it, they turn down the offer because they know the rebels will soon catch up with them and they have to stay on the run. " The chief and some men who had tied our hands and feet offered us a place to stay in the village. we thanked them for their generosity and left. we knew that the rebels would eventually reach the village. " pg.39

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