Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Revised Snapshot Two By Max

Friendship and Dislocation
                “Help! Someone help me.”, Justin pleaded from across the artificial field. Indoor soccer was a fantastic part of the year. Our team was composed of our close group of friends and, like most other teams, we played the games as more of a joke (half of us, myself included, did not play club soccer) than a serious competition. We all shared laughs as Justin put on another act, screaming at us from his seat on the grass.
This joke continued until Jacob took further inspection, crying out, “Wait, I don’t think he’s joking.” A few chuckles followed, then came complete silence. We all slowly realized that Justin wasn’t getting up anytime soon. Then our sight shot to his knee, and we got the picture that it really wasn’t a joke. His knee was a Picasso painting. His kneecap jumped to the right side of his leg, far from where it belonged. We laid him out, and called 911. Now, we just had to patiently sit before the ambulance arrived, but there was one topic that needed to be resolved: The game.
The clock was still running and we needed to decide what we had to do. “We should just leave for the hospital. I really don’t think any of us want to finish this game.” Jake proposed. We all sort of nodded our heads in agreement, not giving any verbal affirmation. Riley quickly objected, “No way! Justin is out of the game, but he would want us to still play.” Justin couldn’t have cared less if we played or not, but Riley was never really the voice of reason. Unless of course he was reasoning with himself, in which case, everything he said made perfect sense.
“Riley, we don’t want to play anymore. Justin was our best player.” Sam argued. 
“Why are ignoring what he wants Sam? Clearly this is the right thing to do.” Riley snapped, “Besides, we’re ahead. Why would we give up this victory?” This is when I realized that Riley was confused. “Wait I thought we still won even if we don’t finish the game.”, I added, but Riley didn’t think that sounded right. The argument lasted for a good 5 minutes before the referee approached us. “You guys are already up a point. You can just quit now and still get the win.” he said. Without a word, we grabbed all our stuff and left, and Riley kept quiet the whole drive up.

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  1. I thought that you had great pieces of dialogue throughout the whole story!


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