Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Regan Endsley, Snapshot 2

The Best Snow Day.

        Growing up in my childhood I would say I had a lot of friends. I was a friendly girl and got a long with almost everyone. Although I had a lot of friends my best friend was a girl named Maggie Grill. We started being friends in 6th grade. Our moms graduated together and were friends. My mom told me to ask Maggie to come over sometime, and I did. She came over that day, and ever since then we were together every single day. Maggie is literally a brown hair version of me, she was the funniest person I knew, and I was the funniest person to her. We annoyed all of our another friends because we thought we were so funny. 
          Maggie and I have many memorable experiences. It's not hard to because we were with each other every single day, but one of my favorites was in 7th grade when we when ice skating. It probably doesn't sound like it would be that memorable but for some reason I always remember that day like it was yesterday. It was a Friday and we were rewarded a snow day, so of course the first then I do is head over to Maggie's house. We were so bored so we thought ice skating would be fun. I sat upstairs while Maggie went to ask her mom, I could hear Maggie ask, "Mom me and Regan are so bored we will do anything you want if you take us to go ice skating." I didn't hear a response for a couple seconds then I hear Maggie's mom, Lisa, say, "Clean up your mom first then we can go."Maggie sprinted up the stairs and said to me, "you have to help me pick up my room my mom said thats the only way we can go." I said, "Oh I heard what your mom said she said for you to clean your room." But I helped her anyways so we could go faster, because let me tell you her room was a pigsty. So after we cleaned we were on the road to go. When we arrived we were so excited to get on the ice and Maggie was just skating like she was a pro, but me on the other hand would keep falling and for some reason my feet would not stay straight up, they would go to the side making me unable to skate. Maggie and her mom thought that was the funniest thing, we were on the ground laughing so hard we almost peed ourselves. Since I couldn't skate I would hold on to the back of Maggie's shirt and have her swing me around. It was still very fun.
             It was just a really fun snow day that we experienced. It might have not been a big adventure but it's the little things I remember the most from my childhood and ice skating in 7th grade happened to be one of them.

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