Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Journal Six by Jack

In the movie, Beasts of No Nation, made by Carey Fukunaga, is about a young boy named Agu. There is a war going on around where he lives. While trying to escape his village his friends and family are either killed or are separated from him. Throughout the movie, Agu searches for his family and friends as he tries to stay alive.  
I would highly recommend this movie! I would recommend this movie because it will put you in the feels. This movie tells a story of how the most important things in your life can be taken away from you in a blink of an eye and the challenges that people have to overcome when faced with risking their lives. 
This movie adds to our experience in the book A Long Way Gone a lot because it gives us a better understand of what Ismal had went through and the struggle he had to face every day in order to survive another day. I now can imagine the hardships that Ismal went through. The movie also gives you a visual representation of the setting that Ismal had encountered.

One weakness that I noticed was that they do not give much incite in how the other characters were feeling. The movie only really expresses Agu’s feelings on the situation even though the rest of the group could be going through a completely different experience. They could have also mentioned how Agu ended up after the war. Overall this movie was still great.
A young innocent boy to a cold blooded killer

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