Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Journal 6 by John

     Beats of No Nation by Cary Fukugana, is great movie and I would highly recommend this movie to really anyone of my close friends and family. The movie is about a little boy named Agu from a small village. Throughout the movie you can see him change from the little innocent child to this cold blooded killer that docent care. He wants to find his mother so bad and will do anything he has to do so he can see her again. He would finally surrender and go to a rehab facility where he tries to be a child again, but you can tell after his fighting that he can no longer act like a "Child" again. I would really recommend this book to my close friends and family because this is a movie that really shows what it is like where there is civil wars going on in a different country with a different culture. This movie is also just a great heart-wrenching movie that your on the edge of your seat the whole time. I thought the movie and the book A Long Way Gone both did a phenomenal job of showing us a picture of what it really looked like. But I thought the movie really just showed us in even more detail of what it would have been like in that day in age of a civil war.
Ago and the rebels walking into war.
     The only thing where I saw a weakness in the movie was at the end you never really know what would happen with Agu. Would he end up going back to his old ways of being a boy solider? Would end up actually finding his mother? Or would end up moving away from the country and live a long and happy life? These are the questions I would have liked to of had answered at the end but they were not.

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