Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Journal #8 by Regan Endsley

Freetown: Capital of Sierra Leone
Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone. It is the biggest city in the Sierra Leone. The population their is a little over a million people. The population is very diverse, there is a large amount of different ethnic groups. The language spoken in Freetown is called, Krio. Freetown was founded on March 11th of 1792 by a man named, John Clarkson and African American slaves. When it was founded it was for a city for freed African Americans slaves and West Indian slaves. Freetown is the oldest capital founded by African Americans. The mayor of Freetown is, Franklyn Bode Gibson, he was been the towns mayor since 2012.
 Their are three regions of Freetown, the East End, Central and West End. The East end is most populated and is where the harbor of Freetown is. The Central is where is State House, and all the important buildings, court houses and banks are. The West End is where the beaches are and where you would go for a fun time.
In Freetown football is a very known and played sport. Freetown has the largest football stadium in Sierra Leone. They are two of the most successful football teams in Sierra Leone the, East End Lions and the Mighty Blackpool. When those two teams play each others it one of the biggest events in Freetown.

This is Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone.
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  1. Great job on explaining about Freetown. At the end of where you talked about Freetown football is a very well known and played sport there I liked how you added that. I also like that you mentioned the stadium being the largest in Sierra Leone and how they had 2 successful teams and when they play each other it is one of the biggest events in Freetown I found that very interesting.


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