Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Journal 8 by Keirra Allinder

The topic I chose is Diamonds in Sierra Leone and the Kono district. Although, the war has been over for a decade they were once the most valuable resource in West Africa. During the presidential election about 10 votes weren't counted for due to alleged fraud.

Konos district consists of potholes on the roads, mountains of dirt and is viewed a mostly poverty because the rest of the city has been built up. Sometimes minors are lucky enough to come a crossed a diamond except in that country he wouldn't end up in the riches, if the diamond was taken to America  there's a higher chance it would be worth a lot more.

Within the last 14 years almost the government decided to set up a diamond trade in return hoping to lure in foreign investment. The country is in desperate need of money while a majority of the population don't have running water or even water at all along with food.
Where the diamonds can be found in the Sierra Leone & Konos district
I think this was the best source because it had more information than the rest I viewed.

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