Thursday, October 20, 2016

Journal 8 by Evan McGeorge

                        The Lome Accord and Truth and Reconciliation 

The topic I was given was the Lome Accord and Truth and Reconciliation which is a treaty that gave the war in Sierra Leone an impartial historical record for violating human rights while in the 11 year war. It was signed by Ahmad Kabbah Sierra Leones president and also the R.U.F leader Foday Sankoh on July 7, 1999. with this agreement it put the two groups at peace. They decided to address these problems of impunity and respond to the needs of the victims to promote healing and reconciliation and prevent these actions of war an the problem with carrying and using weapons. They decided to do this because the stress of the war put the economy and society in a bad situation of stress and not being able to function.These documents are being set in place to help restore the human dignity of Sierra Leone and give account of the victims of the assaults, rapes, and other crimes committed on them during this era of war.

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