Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Journal #6 By Regan Endsley.

Beasts on No Nation Review
The 2015 movie, Beasts of No Nation by Cary Fukunaga, is probably one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who can take watching brutal, gruesome and heartbreaking movies. Though it is all those thing its very intriguing and has a great story about a little boy named Agu who lost his loved ones and must go through this war alone and with the NDF.       This movie adds to the experience of the book A Long Way Gone very much, it gives us a visual idea of how Beah's life was, Beah and Agu are very similar and have very similar stories. Dialogue revels character quiet bit in this movie, Agu the most, mostly because he is the voiceover in the movie, from Dialogue you can see that Agu is just a young, innocent boy who had to go through hard things, and grow up very fast, and the war changed his life forever. "God I killed a man it is the worst sin but it is what i have to be doing.", "If this war ever ended I can't go back to my child ways." and "I am know knowing the smell of death." those are some of Agu's quotes from the movie. The quality of the acting in this movie is just incredible everything looked so real and everybody is a great actor! The only weakness of this film I would say is the ending, it doesn't give us any information of how Agu will live the rest of his life and how, that would have been nice to see, but other than that I highly recommend this movie to anyone!

This is Agu with the the commandant of the NFD who is must listen and follow from. 

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