Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Journal Six From Evan

Evan McGeorge
English 1109 @ 10:30
Tuesday, October 4th

In the movie Beasts Of No Nation by Cary Fukunaga is about a young boy named Agu. Agu was forced against his will to become a child soldier for his village. Agu throughout the story slowly turn into a cold blooded assassin. He fears the world around him and will do anything to return to his mother and family. He eventually is surrendered and taken to a rehab facility to try and become a "child" again but is having problems unseeing the horrible things he saw during this war.

I would recommend this book because it really gives you an inside view on what it is like to have to suffer through seeing what these people see during war and go through. This movie is a very powerful from an emotional stand point when showing how a child can be manipulated when you tell them things they want to hear but don't quite understand.

This movie really helped add on and connect with our book A Long Way Gone because it really gave me a clear visual on what the setting was like during the time of war and how the soldiers were treated. It helped paint a more clear mental image in my head.

The weaknesses I saw were definitely at the end of the movie it kind of just cut off and didn't explain very well what happened to Agu after he was in the rehab facility. The movie doesn't really go into great detail on a lot of things it should have but you're always going to get more out of a book than a movie.

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