Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Journal #6 by Jordan Kightlinger

          The Netflix original film Beasts of No Nation, is a wonderful movie that depicts the aspects of war. The main character, Agu, is a small boy who loses his family due to war and gets captured and forced to fight. The movie has major detail about the brutality that occurs during the war. Many people fail to realize the trauma and anquish that comes with war, but this movie expresses it very well. War changes people a lot as well. With the constant struggle of surviving Agu becomes hardened in his emotions and is forced to toughen up. Many sorrowful things occur during the movie. Agu's mind has been shaped to that of a beast. Women are raped, civilians are slaughtered, elements of brainwashing even occur. The movie has all sorts of details and aspects of war. The movie also shows the process in which Agu adapts into the state of a warrior. At first, he was a scared little boy afraid ofeverything. But now, he is a monster with a danger sense and a mind to kill. Agu is only a little boy but the movie shows him becoming a hardened war veteran and killer.
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          The movie does a wonderous of showing the process of Agu, originally a small family boy afraid of fighting, into a hardened war soldier who has obtained a body count.

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