Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Journal #6 by Chloe Tackett

    Yes i  would recommend this movie to others, I feel as if it gives a true insight on the war and how it affects not only adults but kids without trying to sugar coat everything. Although some scenes may be hard to watch, it shows just how brutal things are and how it affects people differently. We go to see how this war has transformed such a sweet innocent boy into a ruthless killer.He faces many obstacles and sees many things that have altered his forever, he says he will never be able to return to being a normal child and has difficulty telling others about his experiences. Watching the movie is hard and heart wrenching at times but overall I give it 5 stars, you feel for the characters and feel the pain and hurt throughout the movie, knowing that this is actually occurring.
    I believe overall the book and movie go hand and hand together of covering and explaining just how tragic and horrifying the events are and just how much children and adults had to alter their lives in order to survive and stay even remotely sane, they both explain the fear and obstacles very many children encountered without the help and guidance from their family. They both i feel go into great detail of just how much things are worse for other countries than what we are use to, we think of the events of decades ago but they insert details in which let us know they are very much recents and still occuring. It shows us the simple things most of us take for granted

Different labels, same boy. 

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