Monday, October 10, 2016

Journal 6 by Keirra Allinder

Keirra Allinder
English 1109 @ 10:30
Journal 6: Review of Beasts of No Nation
In the movie Beasts of No Nation by: Cary Fukunga the main character Agu has to learn what war consists of at a young age and unfortunately is separated from his family and its up him to defend himself. This movie adds to our experience of reading A Long Way Gone because it allows you to have some insight as to what Agu and other kids and men who are torn away fro family and have to take on responsibilities of learning to survive.
I would definitely recommend this movie because its easier to have a better understanding of how war operates and men/kids get involved in other military groups.
Some see a child while others see a killer.

A weakness the movie has is its not faint for the heart, includes several gory scenes throughout the movie and the scenes shouldn't be taken lightly. Overall 10/10 would recommend!

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