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Journal 8 By Jussett

Jussett Flores
English 1109 10:30a.m.
Journal #8

Journal #8
Sierra Leone has about 16 ethnic groups, each with their own language, also it dates back to 1462. The largest in number is the Temne in the North. The second of these is the Mende, which is found in the Southern and Eastern Provinces. The third largest group is the Limba. The other ethnic groups are Fula, Mandingo, Kono, Krio, Kuranko, Loko, Susu and Yalunka, Kissi, Vai, Kru, Sherbro, Lebaneses Merchants.
Temne which is one of the largest ethnic groups in Sierra Leone has about 35% of Sierra Leone population. I find it interesting that the vast majority of Temne are 85% Muslims with a small minority of 14% Christians. The Temne are rice farmers, fishermen, and traders. The Temne support APC which is All People's Congress which is a political party in Sierra Leone.

Mende is the second largest ethnic group with a 31% of Sierra Leone population. The Mende are mostly farmers and hunters. The Mende support the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP). Regional warfare throughout the 19th century led to the capture and sale of many Mende-speakers into slavery. Most notable were those found aboard the Amistad in 1839. They eventually won their freedom and were repatriated.

The Limba people are a major ethnic group in the Sierra Leone. They form the third largest ethnic group in the country, about 8.5% of Sierra Leone's total population (about 566,529 members). During Sierra Leone's colonial era thousands of Limbas migrated to the capital city of Freetown and its Western Area. Members of the Limba tribe believe that they have always lived in Sierra Leone in the Wara Wara mountains and were probably the first rulers of the country. It is believed by some historians that the Limba have already been living in sierra leone when colony take place.

This shows us the percentages of each ethnic group in Sierra Leone.  

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