Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Snapshot Four by Jack Constantino

Snapshot Four
What Music Means To Me
            The other day I was sitting in English Class. We only had a few minutes until class was over. My English teacher was talking about the new book we have started to read. He then looked at the clock and started rapidly passing out our new assignment so that he had a few minutes to talk to us about it before class was over. He then starting explaining the assignment, telling us that this assignment is about what music means to us individually. I read over the assignment and I started to think of how music was important to me. I then started to wonder what life would be like without music and the thought was too scary so I went back to thinking about what it meant to me.
A few moments later the teacher announced class over. It was music to my ears because I could go home and get something to eat. I get packed and I start walking towards my friend’s car because they said they would give me a ride home. I got into the car and we drove off. My friend and I were listening to Twenty One Pilots, my favorite alternative band. The song “Car Radio” was playing. We were about halfway home and I hear the lyrics
“’Cause somebody stole my car radio / And now I just sit here in silence”      
Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots
I instantly think to myself what if my friend didn’t have a radio in their car. I would feel uncomfortable sitting in the awkward silence.
When I just feel like relaxing I like to listen to Twenty One Pilots. A lot of the things that they sing are about some of the same things that I’ve gone through in life. Their music puts me in a good mood whenever I listen to it. I love to listen to music whenever I can. Whenever I’m happy I like to listen to music because I like to sing and dance to it. I also listen to music when I’m sad because it helps me let out my I’m feeling through the music. After I do that I tend to feel much better which will put me in a better mood. I like to listen to music when I’m in the shower, in the car, and studying. Music is a huge part of my life. It helps me relax when I’m really feeling stressed. Music also gives me confidence like I can do whatever I want in life. So I was listening to another Twenty One Pilots song and a series of lyrics told me what music really meant to me.
“I will make you queen of everything you see / I’ll put you on the map / I’ll cure you of disease” 
House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots
Music gets me to be myself and not care what anyone else thinks of me because I am in my own special world. I call it my happy place.
“There’s some people and I / Who have a tough time getting through this life / so excuse us as we sing to the sky” 
Screen by Twenty One Pilots

Tyler Joseph (right) and Josh Dun (left) are the musical duo who make up the band Twenty One Pilots. They are both from  Northern Columbus. My favorite song by them has to be Car Radio. These two have made music that helps me get through my everyday life.

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  1. I like this story because it reminds me of my sister, jess. She likes twenty one pilots a lot. She actually introduced me to them and made me listen to them a lot. I like how you said the lyric from car radio "cause someone stole my radio and now I just sit here in silence" because that is one of my favorite songs by them.


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