Thursday, November 10, 2016

Journal #9 by Regan Endsley

My overall reading is going really well. I thinks its very interesting and I like hearing others peoples stories. The strengths I've having while reading is that since i enjoy the book i stay on top of things and do more active reading and add more notes. A strength in the book is its very interesting and the stories are well picked out and it is easy to read because its not super long. There really is not any major weaknesses, maybe the language is sometimes hard to understand in some of the stories.
My favorite profile so far is, The firefighter story. Where a father Dekalb Walcott is a firefighter and his son wants to be just like him when he's little even getting to go on a firetruck on a fire when he was just 10 and when he grew up he was a firefighter just like his dad. I like this because i just think its so cool that even in a life threatening job he wants to do it because his father does and he loves it. Ive related somewhat to this story, growing up I would also ask my mom about her job and what she did I didn't go as far as following in her footsteps and do the same career she is doing but i was always interested.
Staying in Ohio for most people is not attractive but I think I will be staying here for most of my life. Ohio is where I grew up and where all my family is. I do love to travel I can go and visit other places of the world and still live in Ohio. As i got older and if i got like a job opportunity or something I would conceder moving and if I where to choose what state I would move to it would have to be California because i love warm weather and love beaches.

This is a picture of a beach in Cali. If i ever left Ohio this is where i would want to go. 

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