Thursday, November 3, 2016

snapshot 4 from Evan

Music to me is a way to express yourself in a way only you can. It tells a story. depending on the artist it can tell your personal story.I listen to anything really but country music. nothing against it but to me its just as dry and boring as the desert and i just personally do not like most of it. One artists i find very interesting is an artist known by the name Sia and what interest me isn't just he music its her background story. When she was younger in her 20s she actually was offered a record contract and become some what famous and became addicted to drugs. this lead her on a downhill spiral of bad choices and jail time. Quite some time later she went to rehab became clean from the drugs and is now famous again but is 40 years old now. i don't have one specific flashback i remember but every time i hear her music i remember what ive personally learned and that is with some things that has happened in my family personally that life is about second chances.everyone messes up but its how you turn things around that matters and she corrected her mistakes and bounced back from it and showed the world that she is in fact talented.
this is sia she often wears the wig to cover her face i personally
think as a new identity to give her a new name to hide the old her.


  1. I totally agree with when you said "Music to me is a way to express yourself in a way only you can. It tells a story depending on the artist it can tell your personal story" since every artists have their own story to tell in music form and people may not understand the lyrics, but it only takes one person to relate to them. I can relate to some artists that I have listened to. I agree with your caption it goes great with your photo, it also reminds me of the show Hannah Montana when Miley would wear a wig to hid her real identity for her fans, of course that was just a show.

  2. Is it bad I've never heard of her before? After reading everything you wrote, it honestly makes me want to look her up and see what her music is like. You did a good job of explaining why you find her to be an interesting artist. I too have personally had experiences with my family that could potentially relate. The picture that you chose and the caption was a great way to conclude the message you was conveying.


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