Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Journal 9 By Keirra Allinder

My active reading is going good so far, strengths would be my interest in how people feel led to a certain job. Considering the book isn't made up of chapters but rather each story is minimal 3 pages makes it easy to follow. Weaknesses I have found is that some of the stories aren't too interesting and the book is straight forward.  
My favorite profile is dentist story with McGarvey and his friend. At a very young age he lost his dad and mother had to raise 13 kids on her own. Moral of the story is that McGarvey knew at the age of seventeen he wanted to become a dentist. From "excelling in the dental assistant courses to knowing every instrument they picked up (49).  I once had a similar experience in taking interest in becoming a dentist I know its not for everyone considering you're working inside of people mouths but if I had the opportunity to make others happy about their smiles I know its even more worth it.
There is nothing I find attractive about Ohio which why I have plans of moving down south where the weather is warm and southern hospitality actually exists, plus I used to live in South Carolina. Id love nothing more than to move back to where I once called home.

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My future home

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  1. Im shocked you want to go back down south, but then again I'm not because they have such nice weather down there. Its always sunny and warm and the people are kinda nicer. I also agree on how you said that some of the stories arent that interesting. I feel the same way.


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