Thursday, November 10, 2016

Journal 9 By John

I think that my overall reading is going very well for me. I love that this book has different stories about how people got there true calling in life and most of the stories are just truly inspiring to me. The strength I have the most in reading this book especially is my active reading. I'm highlighting a lot more things writing more in the margins in this book compared to the other ones we have read so far. The only weakness that I could think of is there hasn't been a story that has really caught my attention of being an "Ah" moment for me.
My favorite profile so far would have to be the NASA Astronaut that died in the challenger accident. I love that profile because of the rough background he had to come from to then becoming this amazing astronaut. Living in South Carolina being an African-American during that time in the 1960's was a rough rough time for him. But he never really let ii get in the way of his dreams of becoming an astronaut. The only real way I could connect his story to me is when I was younger I always wanted to do something along the line of being a teacher and that was my dream but people would always say 'Oh you have a long time to think before you know thats what you want." But here I am today studying to become a teacher.
Some of the people where I came from Delaware, Ohio can't wait to get out of there, but for me I can't really ever see myself going anywhere. I love where I'm from. I love the small town atmosphere that it gives off to people. Whenever I get my degree I hope to get into the Delaware city school district because I love that place. But if I would absolutely need to move anywhere I would move to Florida. I have family that live down there so my family and I go down there almost every summer to visit and plus I love the warm weather and beaches.
Here is a picture of the sunset at St. Augustine Beach boardwalk.


  1. I can completely relate to your strengths and weaknesses! I feel the same exact way. I agree that the NASA astronaut was very interesting and empowering to watch him succeed from the path he was given. This whole book is inspiring. I also love Ohio unlike a lot of people. Everyone talks about how they want to get out of here but I think Ohio is beautiful and safe. That's awesome that you found your 'calling' at a young age, not many people can say that!

  2. I love what you said about staying here, i feel the same way. I think a lot of people just want to leave. But many that i have talked to leave for a few years, and then go back to their home states, and sometimes even to their home town. I also loved the astronaut story too because he proved people wrong.


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