Thursday, November 10, 2016

Journal 9 By Miranda

Part One: So far, my active reading is going well. This book is much easier to do active reading than the other two in my opinion. I like how the stories are set up, so I can read one story in a shorter amount of time and be able to write a better nutshell of what happened. Rather than having long chapters that you can’t remember every little detail by the end of it. The only weakness or downfall to this book is that there are so many different stories, and it can be easy to get them all mixed up or mixed together. But overall I enjoy the book.

Part Two: My favorite profile from our reading thus far is definitely the Lucietto/Mechanical Engineer. I can relate to her in a few different ways. Growing up, I would watch my dad work on trucks, lawnmowers, etc and I would be fascinated by what he could do. He never had to look anything up or ask questions, he could take anything apart and put it back together without a problem. In the profile her father said “Sometimes you’d take something apart and I’d sit there and wonder what in the world did you do. Then you’d say Daddy fix’” This makes me think of early memories where I would say the exact same thing to my dad. Over the years I have always thought about going into a mechanical or welding career. But I knew that not very many women were doing such an occupation so I  put those thoughts in the back of my mind. Based on the research that was done for the class I discovered that there is roughly 192,000 women engineers in America.

Part Three: For my future, what is attractive about staying in Ohio is family and friends. Here I at least know people and be able to fit in more easily. Other than having family in Ohio, there’s really nothing special about staying here. I would love to move down south more. Somewhere like Tennessee would be perfect. My dream is to work with cows, and there are over 79,000 cattle farms in Tennessee, which creates for a good opportunity. It is also the most beautiful state I have ever been to. Rolling hills, lakes, farmland, and the woods, what could be any better then that?
This is just one example of the beauty of Tennessee. I think this is one of the most breathe taking things I have ever seen.

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