Thursday, November 10, 2016

Journal #9 By: Jussett Flores

Part 1:
My active reading is going pretty good so far. I am learning new vocabulary words and learning about different jobs. The strength that I see are some good dialog and great details on how the person found their calling and how they made an impact in some people's life. I am able to follow the book pretty easily because of how Isay wrote this book. Weaknesses so far is finding a profile that is interesting but ending so soon that you just want to know more about that person.
Part 2:
My favorite profile so far would have to be the tool and die maker with Phil Kerner. I noticed that he followed into his father’s footsteps and became a tool and die maker and that is what his family has done for generations. I like when he said “ My father was a tool and die maker. My uncles were tool and die makers. My brother was a tool and die maker. And surprise, I became a tool and die maker. But you know what? I have four sons, and they’re not going to be tool and die makers”(p70). It shows that he does not want his kids to become tool and die maker but something extraordinary and better for them. My parents came over to the states to start a new life, so that when we grow up we could have better opportunities than they have had in their life. Since we are the first generation we will continue our future for our future kids to have a better life than our parents have had so they don't have to go through the pain that my parents have gone through.

Part 3:
Ohio is a beautiful state to live in. I grew up in Ohio my entire life other than living in Florida for a couple of months when I was born. I have some family that live in Chicago, some in Delaware, and Arizona, but we don’t really talk to them and Ohio is just the state for me since my family is here. Ohio is a safe place to live in if you think about it. A good thing about moving for work is a better opportunity and a different environment experience. Yes it could be a possibility for me to move just because bigger cities have better opportunities. I really don’t have a dream state, but I would probably want to go to Seattle Washington. I have always wanted to visit Seattle for the longest time and my sister/bestfriend is going to be moving there after college next year and I would miss her so I would move with her.

Seattle Washington is known for the space needle, Seattle Seahawks, Rain, Grey's Anatomy, Starbucks Coffee (First founded and started there), Pike Place Market and Microsoft. It is also beautiful for sightseeing.   

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  1. I am happy to hear that your family has gotten better opportunities. I think you will be successful when you grow up and will accomplish your dream of providing a good life for your future family. Seattle is a very cool city. I was once told that I should move to Seattle because of my style and interests. The picture of Seattle that you chose is beautiful!


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