Thursday, November 10, 2016

Journal #9 by Jordan Kightlinger

       Part 1: So far, my active reading is going a lot better than my previous ones (or so I hope). It seems to be easier because I had practice previous to this book, but also because of the way the book is set up. With each chapter being a brand new story, similar to that of Cisneros, I find it easier to actively read, and I find each new story interesting, so that helps.The only challenge that I find while reading is when authors use "big boy" words. I find it very unnecessary sometimes and it just maes it more challenging to read, but so far I haven't had that problem in this book.
       Part 2: My favorite profile was the engineer and entrepreneur because I love the mindset she expresses. Noramay states, "Every time I toured a factory, looking at safety and ergonomics, I thought, Let me put myself into the shoes of the person sitting here." That's empathetic thinking, and that is a rare trait you find in people, but it's a vital one. I always try to be empathetic and sometimes I forget, but that's just being human. Also, I learned that MIT only has an acceptance rate of 7.9%. Noramay was one of the lucky ones to be chosen because she worked hard, and achieved greatness, even though people didn't believe in her.
       Part 3: Some perks for staying in Ohio would be my family and friends are close by for support whenever I need them. I know how things work, and Ohio is a very tolerant state, so that's nice. As for the downsides, I would say I would have a feeling of being trapped and bound to this place forever, and I wouldn't get to experience the rest of the world; meet new people; try new things. If I was forced to move, I would move to Canada. Now, I know it's not a state, but I've always loved the idea of moving their for the french cuisines, and the Niagara Falls.
The marvelous beauty of this astounds me, and I've always wanted to go visit it.


  1. It is true we have had practice before to help us with this book. Ohio does have some perks I agree with that, I would move to Canada also because it is a place I always wanted to go to. I like the picture you used it shows how beautiful the water looks.

  2. I do believe that this book is easier to read then the others. I don't know if I'd move to Canada but I would for sure want to visit the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls which is said to be more beautiful then the United State side in New York.


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