Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Journal 9 Payden Fultz

My active reading is going pretty good so far learning lots of new vocabulary and different kinds of jobs you don’t hear about very often. Strengths that I see in the book are details of how these people found their calling. I am able to follow the book pretty easily because of how Isay rewrote this book. Weaknesses I have found in the book would be the language I think it’s very simple for the most part and that kind of drags me away from the reading and makes me want to read something else.
            My favorite profile so far would be the firefighter story with Dekalb Walcott and his son. I noticed that he cares about having money to raise a family; he is willing to give up a life long goal of becoming an attorney. “ I wanted to become an attorney, so I started college with plans of going into law. But my focus wasn’t on school; it was getting decent employment where I could have a family, and take care of that family” (pg. 55). My boyfriends father is a firefighter of 32 years I asked him what the most intimidating things about being a firefighter is and he said “ the most intimidating things to me would be not knowing if I’m going to make it back out of a fire and not being able to see my family again”.

            Nothings attractive to me at all about Ohio I absolute hate this state. Something attractive to me would be moving away to San Diego where all of my family is and where it’s always warm and everyday is like vacation. The possibility of moving there is extremely high since thats where my heart is set and stone especially since all of my family lives there. I would love to get back with my family. 

My future home where my  heart is set and stone at

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