Thursday, November 10, 2016

Journal 9 by Evan

Part 1: I think my active reading is going a lot smoother I've never had to do active reading before until this class so adjusting to doing it was kinda weird at first but it actually helps keep track of the book and a great tool to use.

Part 2: My favorite profile would have been the astronaut. The story behind his life was absolute amazing there were so many obstacles he had to overcome to get where he was. I twas also interesting to read an article about something I've heard about prior to reading callings. The best part of the story was his childhood background that was amazing to me.

Part 3:Ohio has been a great place to grow up but i think by the time i graduate college Ohio has done all it can for me. it was an amazing place to be a part of but the weather changes or as i call mother natures mood swings are too much for me too handle but i also don't like the heat i don't like being hot and love the cold weather the heat is nice for a little while but gets old to me.
I've always wanted to visit New York which I am doing in December

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