Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Journal Two From Evan McGeorge

My name is Evan McGeorge i am 19 years old and a freshman here at the Ohio State University Marion. I am majoring in Athletic Training. I live in Marion,Ohio and have my whole life. I graduated from Marion Harding High School. Some things to know about me are that i love anything to do with sports. I tend to be quiet when you get to know me but when i get comfortable with around people i am a very outgoing person. My fun fact in class was that i traveled to Taiwan for about a month to live with an exchange student i housed with me for a year, and no i still don't speak chinese a month was not long enough to learn it.

This is my girlfriend and i before senior prom.

In the reading so far the idea that stood out the most to me was that she didn't like her name. The thought of everyone else in her family family having a nickname like Nenny but not her was interesting. I personally feel that the writing so far was at its best when the author was speaking to the nun after she moved and the nun asked where she lived and she pointed and said there and the nun just responded "you live there" the emotion the author was showing seemed so real and you could really feel from an emotional point of view how she felt.

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  1. That was pretty interesting. everyone in my family has a nickname too and i don't really have one either.


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