Thursday, August 25, 2016

Journal # 2- By Jussett

Jussett Flores

My name is Jussett Flores, the easy way to remember my name is by saying "You set the table, with out the table part", my friends have other ways to say my name, but that doesn't matter. Fun fact is I love going on mission trips with my church because I love the experiences that it has to offer. I live in Upper Sandusky, Ohio and I graduated from USHS. I went to MTC for my first year of college, Then I took a semester off and transferred to OSU Marion and started school in the spring. I have lived in Ohio my entire life, but I was born in Florida. I am interested in being a child psychologist. My siblings and I get ask a lot if we speak Spanish....the answer is NO!........Just kidding!! YES!!!! We do speak Spanish. I am the youngest in my family and well I guess that is enough to know of me for now. 

While reading "The house on Mango street" I like how in each chapter she wrote something unique and went in to detail in somethings. She did not stick with the traditional way of writing, but did a lot of bouncing around between stories which you can basically imagine what she was thinking of in each stories. The thing that stood out to me was that she didn't like her name. I think she did her best there, since she is telling us about where she got her name and what it means which I think it is very important to know, well in my opinion.


  1. I liked how she would bounce around between stories too. She writes kinda how our minds work, not staying on one subject for a long period of time, but continuously moving to the next idea. I think it also makes the book for interesting to read.

  2. I love what you said about how you can imagine what she is thinking as she writes because that is exactly what I found interesting but couldn't figure out how to put it into words.

  3. I noticed how she did not like her name either. Its kinda weird that instead of esperanza she wanted to be named "X". I agree with how you said she doesnt stick with the traditional form of writing. She explains things differently than most authors.

  4. I agree with your comment on the author. I enjoyed reading this because it was different and she kept it short and sweet. Sometimes simpler is better.


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